360Ascent Auction

360 Ascent was a huge project for us, but we want it to be the project of the climbing community too! Even before the start of the project, we were thinking of ways how it can also benefit the community that inspires us every day.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to organize a charity auction for holds used in the world record breaking artificial climbing route and give all of the earnings to non-profit climbing organizations. In this way we can ensure double benefit:

  1. For the 360Ascent holds that hold much of the sentimental value of the project to continue to be used by passionate climbers.
  2. For aiding the cause of positive climbing-related initiatives worldwide with the help of the raised funds.

We invite you to create an account and read the rules. Good luck with the bidding!


We are giving you more time to choose your pitch and help us raise more funds!
The auction is now open until Friday (May 28th, 23:59 CET) for the pitches that were not sold until May 24th, 23:59 (CET). 

All of the raised funds will be evenly distributed between the following non-profit climbing organizations:

Dream Higher

DREAM HIGHER, South Africa

Dream Higher is a certified non-profit organization offering sustained climbing opportunities to the vulnerable youth of Cape Town. Their work assists youth in overcoming trauma and establishing a positive identity. Through climbing they build confidence, develop emotional balance and bridge social divides, growing a more inclusive outdoors community. They plan to use the donated funds to support their frequent climbing excursions to local crags, helping them provide safe transport, permits and healthy meals to their beneficiaries. This fund will also be directed to upskill their most dedicated climbers, assisting them in the transition from beneficiaries to coaches.

Centro de Escalada Urbana


Centro de Escalada Urbana has been using rock climbing as a tool for social change and individual empowerment for at-risk youth from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro since 2010. Through long-term mentorship programs, they use climbing to promote personal growth, healthy living standards, educational support and income generating opportunities. The funds raised in this auction will help cover the following costs involved in maintaining and improving their current programming: Public transportation and meals for up to 8 youth; climbing both indoors and outdoors 2-3 times a week. Scholarships to ensure their participants can stay in school until graduation. Travel costs for state and national climbing competitions. A much-needed computer for both general use and for our tutoring program.

Ladies Coalition Climbing


Their mission is to connect and empower all women and nonbinary folks. They break down barriers to entry - access, opportunity, cost. They host meetups at gyms and crags around the country as well as provide gear scholarships and low-cost climbing excursions to build community and foster positivity, inspiration, motivation, and growth. They will use these funds to purchase drills and gear for aspiring routesetters, as well as to pay those who teach clinics. They will reinvest some funds into their organization in order to get more women outdoors through scholarships, clinics, and meetups.


Project One Climbing works with high quality professionals who recognise the importance of creating a safe, welcoming environment for BAME people within the climbing community. Through partnerships with climbing walls and local community groups they will increase access, education and implement practices to develop and promote diversity within UK climbing. The money will go towards a combination of core funding and service development over the next 6 months alongside financing 6 places on their Instructor Program, further expanding their capacity to deliver Introductory Sessions to Young People from marginalised backgrounds.

CLIMBAID, from Switzerland in Lebanon

ClimbAID brings the joy of climbing to communities affected by war, poverty and displacement. Through climbing, ClimbAID promotes peace, personal development and mental well-being. Whether working in Lebanon, Switzerland or Greece, at ClimbAID people from all backgrounds become part of a diverse and inclusive community. Faced with an economic and refugee crisis, there’s a severe lack of public spaces in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley for youth to express themselves and develop their potential. ClimbAID plans to create a community space for young people to climb, meet, learn, teach and create in a safe and inclusive environment.


It was the biggest and most challenging project we’ve ever done. Behind it, there was years of dreaming, planning, trying to find a way and brainstorming. The project finally got a green light in spring 2020 and there was no way back.

Setting team

The majority of the route was set by two international routesetters, Katja Vidmar and Simon Margon. However, the route was set thanks to huge support of Stanko Gruden and Aleš Stražar and their high rope access as well as rope rigging skills.

Simon Margon

International route setter and co-owner of 360holds

Katja Vidmar

International route setter and co-owner of 360holds

Stanko Gruden

Photographer and
co-owner of 360holds

Aleš Stražar

Technical advisor and rescue for rope access


Janja Garnbret and Domen Škofic are among the leaders in competition climbing community. They accepted the challenge to try the 360 masterpiece.

Janja Garnbret

Multiple World Champion in different climbing disciplines at the age of 21 and one of the most successful competition climbers of all time.

Domen Škofic

World Cup Champion and one of the most talented climbers on the planet.